Term of Reference


  • The IPv6 CoE is established under the purview of MCMC and manage by MTSFB
  • Any decision making is authorized by the IPv6 CoE Steering Committee
  • The IPv6 CoE is authorized to undertake any activities within its terms of reference. It is authorized to seek any information it requires from the IPv6 CoE Steering Committee members, and all members are directed co-operate with any request made by IPv6 CoE.
  • The terms and conditions for the setup of the IPv6 CoE should mirror that of the MTSFB provided by the Registrar of Societies (ROS)


  • The IPv6 CoE Steering Committee is chaired by MCMC Head of Licensing and Assignment Division (LAD);
  • Permanent Members are MTSFB CoE and MCMC;
  • Non- Permanent Members (by invitation) are relevant Head(s) of Div/Dept depending on subject matters and Representative from ROs of the MCMC;
  • Secretariat


  • To address and manage overall planning for IPv6 CoE to be in-line with the aspiration of the MCMC;
  • Provide access to a highly developed pool of knowledge, promoting knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer;
  • Expected to actively collaborate with reputable individuals, focus groups and institutions;
  • Trigger awareness on the needs of IPv6


  • Plan, implement measures and to align with the short term plan of the MCMC that the implementation of IPv6 dual stack connectivity in Malaysia will be by end of 2013 and full IPv6 connectivity by end of 2015. In general, the IPv6 CoE is to be well managed in the areas of development and implementation of IPv6


In achieving the objective, the IPv6 CoE will venture in four main areas of activities but not limited to the followings:

  • Awareness and Promotions;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Monitoring;
  • Consultancy and Test Lab;

Governance of IPV6 CoE

  • The IPv6 CoE should portray a sound and capable leadership that could steer its capacity in achieving the overall objective
  • The planning, coordination and implementation of programs of the IPv6 should always consider the interest the stakeholders Approval process for each program e.g. selection of company to conduct training, will be the IPv6 CoE Steering Committee.


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