The design depicted the rounded shaped design with hollowed spherical shape at off-centre of the design and hollowed crescent shape underneath the empty spherical space above. There are edge lines to separate the outer layer and inner layer within the design to give its distinctive look. 

The design’s true meaning lies in the abbreviation of “Centre of Excellence”, CoE. The outer layer represents the letter ‘C’ that stands for “Centre” with enlarged proportion to show it as initial of the words and as significant meaning to logo. 

The hollowed rounded shape at off-centre of the logo symbolizes the letter ‘O’ for the word “of”. Since the word by itself carry little or no meaning, it is placed at off-centre instead at the centre, thus explain it hollows motive. However due to its importance in bridging the words to create its ultimate meaning, its shape has been designed to be of medium size, not that large nor that small in proportion. 

The most importance design in this logo is represented by the letter ‘e’ that stands for the pinnacle of approval and endorsement for quality in everything people excel at. Thus the ‘e’’s shape and design took the biggest proportion than the other two letters and its design deep and three-dimensional look give its depth meaning of significant to the overall logo look. 

The logo’s color of yellow representing the royal color of Malaysia, as it is the only color that fits the word of ‘excellence’. It also symbolizes the zenith status of the royal stature that warrant the call of the’ excellency’. The deep yellow hue of the ‘e’ letter emphasis its in-depth meaning of the word of ‘excellence’.

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